Reverse Air Filter Bags

Introducing our Reverse Air Filter Bags, meticulously crafted using a combination of high-quality needle felt and glass fiber fabric. These filter bags are specifically designed for reverse air filtration systems, offering superior filtration efficiency and durability.


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The needle felt material used in our Reverse Air Filter Bags ensures effective particle capture, efficiently removing even the finest particles from the air or gas stream. It provides excellent dust-holding capacity and facilitates efficient cake release, resulting in extended filter life and reduced maintenance requirements.

Incorporating glass fiber fabric further enhances the strength and resilience of the filter bags. The glass fiber fabric adds structural integrity, enabling the bags to withstand high temperatures and maintain dimensional stability, even in demanding operating conditions.

Our Reverse Air Filter Bags are engineered to deliver optimal filtration performance, ensuring clean and purified air or gas in a range of industrial applications. Whether you need to filter dust, pollutants, or other airborne contaminants, these filter bags are designed to meet the stringent requirements of your filtration system.

Choose our Reverse Air Filter Bags to experience the perfect blend of needle felt and glass fiber fabric, combining efficiency, durability, and reliable performance for your filtration needs.

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